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Compagnie du Ponant Offers Complimentary Single Supplement on Select Sailings

For the Solo Traveler…COMPLIMENTARY Single Supplement on select sailings

South America invites you to explore the diversity of its landscape, the extraordinary wild life and people that make this part of the world spectacular.

Explore the Mediterranean and Greek Isles, where the intense old world charm and the blend of classic destinations and unexpected treasures lure you away to an exceptional quality of life.

Between coral reefs and mountains, heavenly settings and an easygoing lifestyle awaits you in the Caribbean. This region contains so many natural treasures, an exceptional ecosystem and a vast heritage dating back thousands of years in the backdrop of unspoiled nature.

Asia, Visit this land of remarkable history and culture – a blend of new empires and ancient kingdoms.

The magic of an ochre and red desert, the extravagance of a seaside town or the bleached whiteness of an islet placed on the turquoise waters of the Great Barrier Reef; Australia and New Zealand conjure many idyllic settings in your imagination. Come experience an adventure down under!

For more information and reservations, please call us at 1.888.400.1082 or you can visit the website

Ponant offers complimentary single supplement on select sailings.

Ponant’s Le Soleal.


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