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LOUIS CRUISES Unveils 2014 Themed Cruise Calendar Featuring 61 Themed Cruises

Louis Cruises features 61 Themed Cruises.

Louis Cristal in Port of Patmos, Greece

Louis Cruises is unveiling its 2014 themed cruise calendar, featuring 61 themed cruises that complement the line’s unparalleled Mediterranean sailing experience with cultural, gastronomic, interactive learning, and musical additions for the ultimate, authentic Greek destination experience.

“Today’s traveler is looking for once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences and value for their travel dollars,” said Nicholas Filippidis, Director of Product Development in North America for Louis Cruises. “That is exactly what travelers can expect when they sail with Louis Cruises… a real, authentic Greek experience, one they can’t find anywhere else. A Louis cruise is an immersion into the best of Greece, an invitation to live ‘Kalimera’ with us.”

“Louis Cruises is the only home porting cruise line in Greece – the Aegean is our home, and the world-renowned hospitality of the people of Greece is at the core of everything we do. ‘Say Kalimera to the Real Greek Experience,’ is a promise to our passengers that we will bring them the absolute best of Greece, both on board our comfortable ships and at our incredible Aegean destinations, nine of them brand new for 2014: the Greek islands of Chios, Ios, Kos, Milos, Samos, Symi and Syros, and legendary ‘Turkish Riviera’ towns Bodrum and Cesme. These are Aegean gems that aren’t accessible to the ‘megaships’ of other cruise lines,” continued Filippidis.

Louis Cruises’ 61 themed cruises for 2014 have been designed to present the best of the real Greece. The company’s team has added value to each sailing by developing a unique, bespoke themed cruise program that celebrates the area’s culture and cuisine, taking travelers deeper into the history, mythology, archaeological sites, centuries-old local customs, song and dance, and much more. After extensive research, the new themed cruises have been developed to include something for everyone. Plus, these unique enhancements are all included in the price of the cruise.

“It’s all about enriching each traveler’s experience. We know our travelers want to do more than just visit unique destinations. They want a real, authentic Greek experience. They want to hear the incredible behind-the-scenes stories of medieval castles, ancient cities, and the mythology that dovetails with astonishing archeological sites like the Minoan Palace at Knossos. They want to taste singular Greek wines and learn how to cook traditional Greek dishes with fresh, local ingredients. They want to put their fingertips to the embroidery upon the centuries-old fabric of our customs and heritage. And, of course, they want to sing and dance until dawn. That is what our themed cruises offer. There is simply no other program like it on the high seas.”

With such an array of themed cruises to choose from, travelers can opt to: uncover the history of Milos, dating back to 8,000 BC, as the Mining History and Geology of the island is revealed; become immersed in the area’s fabled past, from Classical Mythology to the Modern Classics; experience Greek heritage and culture through dance, music, signing and costumes presented by Lyceum Club of Greek Women; learn about Greek music from one of the world’s best bouzouki players; enjoy an authentic Greek culinary experience, emphasizing the cuisine of the Aegean, via seminars, interactive cooking demonstrations and tastings, all drawn from the local cuisine of each Louis Cruises destination; celebrate Greek wines and spirits with more than 4,000 years of rich history to savor; dance the night away on one of the many music cruises showcasing Greek Folk Music, Modern Greek Classics, Greek Pop, or Latin Night themes – All of this and much more awaits travelers with Louis Cruises themed cruises.

To receive a copy of the new 2014 Louis Cruises themed cruise calendar, email

Louis Cruises’ itineraries can be booked on-lin e or through most major tour operators in the U.S. and Canada. For further information or to order the company’s brochure call (877) 568-4787, send an e-mail to or visit the company’s website .

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