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Victoria Cruises Implements Second Renovation On Five-Star Victoria Katarina In Four Years

Victoria Katarina has been renovated again.

Executive suite on the Victoria Katarina.

Having renovated its entire five-star fleet since the launch of the elegant Victoria Jenna, Victoria Cruises has put the Victoria Katarina through its second renovation since 2010. The pre-eminent cruise line on China’s Yangtze has just re-launched the ship featuring extensive modifications, including a completely redesigned interior.

Victoria Katarina’s updated design features a modern, brand new appearance. In addition to a new style, the Victoria Katarina also received brand new furniture throughout the ship with new plumbing installed throughout the vessel. The former “massage room” has been transformed into a full-service spa and salon.

Like the rest of Victoria Cruises’ five-star fleet, all staterooms aboard the Victoria Katarina feature a private balcony from which guests can view the mist-shrouded Yangtze River.
“Victoria Katarina’s last renovation brought it on par with Victoria Cruises five-star fleet at the time,” said Larry Greenman, manager of public relations and customer service for Victoria Cruises. “As we’ve been overhauling our ships these past few years, we’ve been looking forward with a modern sense of elegance that surpasses 2010 standards. The most recent renovations on Victoria Katarina have brought the ship’s quality above and beyond our customers’ expectations,” he added.

Victoria Cruises began renovating Victoria Katarina in the late fall of 2013, based on the same motifs used in the redesign of Victoria Anna, Victoria Lianna, Victoria Selina and Victoria Sophia. As an American-managed company adhering to the strictest Western standards, Victoria Cruises retained the same New York-based interior design firm it used for previous renovations.

Starting at $980 per person, based on double occupancy, the Victoria Katarina sails the popular Three Gorges Highlights program from Chongqing to Yichang in three- and four-night options (based on river direction) and encompasses views of centuries-old temples, pagodas and stone carvings nestled along the river.

A standard shore excursion package is available for $90 per person and includes a visit to a modern village built in Fengdu as a result of the river’s rising waters and a tour of Three Gorges Dam as well as a scenic journey on a traditional sampan through one of the Yangtze’s tranquil tributaries: Goddess Stream or Shennong Stream.

Shennong Stream, known for its famous “trackers” who used to earn a living pulling the boats through the stream while fully naked (so that the ropes wouldn’t tear their clothes), is available on upstream cruises, while passengers on downstream cruises will enjoy wildlife-teeming Goddess Stream on downstream voyages. Once just a brook, Goddess Stream is a recent addition made possible by the Three Gorges Dam, which raised the stream’s water level and extended its reach to the southern bank of the Yangtze, opposite Goddess Peak (tributary excursions may be substituted based on river conditions).

Like it’s sister ships, the Victoria Katarina features the Executive Amenities program providing enhanced ship placement and a host of VIP additions including “white glove” service, √† la carte dining, access to exclusive ship areas, complimentary Wi-Fi Internet access, shoe shine service and reserved seating for evening entertainment (must be reserved in advance) from an additional $200 per person.

The Victoria Katarina is featured in tour packages offered by leading U.S. operators combining the charm and mystique of the Yangtze River with segments in historical Beijing, cosmopolitan Shanghai and the ancient Ming capital city of Xi’an.

For more information, contact Victoria Cruises at 212-818-1680 or visit the website .

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