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Royal Caribbean Invests $2 Million More in ByoPlanet’s Advanced Electrostatic Technology to Keep Passengers Safe

Spraying the cruise deck.

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd . (RCCL) has announced that it is extending its contract with ByoPlanet International of Sunrise, FL in a health and safety initiative designed to eradicate dangerous pathogens and protect guests from the debilitating effects of the highly publicized Norovirus and other threatening viruses.

The international cruise line has ordered 350 additional sophisticated electrostatic sprayers as well as the commercial 900 delivery system from ByoPlanet. The CS 900 delivery system was designed specifically for cruise line logistics and the need to disinfect very large areas in very little time. The new order is worth a bit more than $2 million according to ByoPlanet President & COO Rick O’Shea.

New to RCCL’s arsenal this year is the BP 500 Backpack – which allows for an even more mobile technician to hit smaller, hard-to-reach spaces and high traffic areas with complete disinfectant protection.

“Royal Caribbean is taking very proactive steps to disinfect their ships by investing in more of our technology,” said O’Shea. “The cruise line has led the charge in protecting passengers against hidden germs. Using state-of-the-art-technology to treat and protect every touch point against hidden germs is sure to enhance the overall guest experience and safety of both guests and crew.”

ByoPlanet’s latest generation of electrostatics produces small electrically charged droplets of EPA- approved chemical that actually “wrap around” germ-infested areas. The chemicals penetrate deep into the designated target, killing the harshest pathogens in areas impossible for traditional housekeeping methods to reach – providing complete protection.

Royal Caribbean is committed to reducing its environmental footprint. The ByoPlanet electrostatic droplets tend to repel and not overlap one another which results in significantly less product usage compared to traditional housekeeping protocols while still providing superior coverage.

The ByoPlanet process provides a safer approach to sanitization, disinfection and odor elimination and has proven incredibly effective at combating today’s deadliest germs while saving valuable housekeeping resources.

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