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Victoria Cruises Reinstates Shibaozhai Shore Excursion on Yangtze River Cruises

Victoria Cruises Reinstates Shibaozhai Shore Excursion on Five-Star Yangtze River Cruises in China

American-managed Victoria Cruises will be reinstating Shibaozhai , often referred to as “The Pearl of the Yangtze,” a 12-story wooden pagoda in Zhong, as a regular shore excursion.

The docking facilities at Shibaozhai are currently being extended with an anticipated completion date before the end of 2014, prompting the decision from Victoria Cruises executives.

Shibaozhai is known for its impressive wooden pagoda, an architectural marvel which was built without a single nail. Its famous red pavilion leans up against a stone cliff for support and dates back to the 18th century. Shibaozhai will replace the Fengdu excursion on day 2 of downstream cruises and day 4 of upstream cruises for Victoria Cruises’ popular Three Gorges Highlights itinerary.

Upon completion of the project, the docks at Shibaozhai will be able to accommodate all of our ships, including the larger ones,” said Larry Greenman, manager of public relations and customer service for Victoria Cruises.

“In 2015, we will therefore reinstate Shibaozhai as a regular shore excursion,” said Greenman, noting that passengers may still visit Fengdu as an optional excursion, weather permitting.

Shibaozhai will be featured in Victoria Cruises’ standard excursion package for its Three Gorges Highlights program throughout 2015. Priced from $90 per person, the excursion package also includes an educational tour of the Three Gorges Dam site and a tranquil small boat experience through Goddess Stream, one of the Yangtze’s scenic tributaries.

Optional excursions are available starting at $42 per person and may include a Fengdu, Tribe of the Three Gorges (only available on upstream cruises) and White Emperor City .

Victoria Cruises reserves the right to substitute shore excursions without notice due to river conditions or scheduling factors.

Victoria Cruises’ Three Gorges Highlights program starts at $880 per person, based on double occupancy, and can also be booked as part of multi-city China tours offered by reputable U.S.-based tour operators such as Orient Flexi-Pax Tours , Pacific Delight Tours, Ritz Tours, smarTours and Travcoa.

For more information, contact Victoria Cruises at 800-348-8084 or visit the website .

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