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Pearl Seas Cruises Announces New Loyalty Program

The Pearl Mist

Pearl Seas Cruises has announced the introduction of its new loyalty program, the Oyster Societ y, which features a variety of premium benefits for members. The new program is the line’s way of recognizing and rewarding returning guests by providing a more personalized and enhanced cruise experience.

The Oyster Society features an expanded list of special benefits, including:

Oyster Society-only savings and promotions – Members are privy to various unique offers.
Stateroom upgrade – Members receive a complimentary stateroom upgrade at the time of their sailing, when available.
Membership identification – Customized luggage tags and name tags indicate Oyster Society membership.
Invitations to exclusive Oyster Society cruises – Each year, several dates are chosen for exclusive Oyster Society member cruises. These unique sailings are often hosted by company executives and include special tours, receptions and entertainment.
Special Oyster Society gifts – Member gifts range from customized officers jackets to champagne.
Complimentary shore excursions – After an Oyster Society member has cruised three times, shore excursion fees are waived for all future cruises.
Complimentary cruise – Upon completion of 10 cruises with Pearl Seas Cruises, Oyster Society members are rewarded with a complimentary cruise.
“We want to reward our repeat guests for their loyalty with benefits that allow for an even more enjoyable cruise,” said Timothy Beebe, Vice President of Pearl Seas Cruises. “It’s our way of both showing our appreciation and heightening their experience with us. We look forward to welcoming new members.”

This year’s inaugural season was an exciting one for Pearl Seas Cruises with the launch of its flagship vessel, the Pearl Mist. The 210-passenger ship is currently operating its remaining Canadian Maritimes cruises before heading south to the Caribbean for the start of its 2015 season.

About Pearl Seas Cruises

Pearl Seas Cruises has developed a new style of luxury small ship cruising with its 210-passenger flagship, the Pearl Mist. The brand-new ship features the latest navigation technology and the finest accommodations. Pearl Seas Cruises operates various Great Lakes, Canadian Maritimes, New England and Caribbean cruises. To learn more about Pearl Seas Cruises, visit the website or call 800-983-7462

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