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Blount Celebrates Presidents’ Day with Deals and Historic Cruises

Guests Save Up To 40% When Booking Select Itineraries

Blount Small Ship Adventures is offering patriotic discounts and historical itineraries in honor of Presidents’ Day. Guests looking to sail with President Nancy Blount on August’s President’s Cruise can save 15% when booking by Feb. 27, 2015.

In addition to the President’s Cruise, guests can honor America’s leaders by booking the ‘Big Apple to the U.S. Capital’ or ‘D.C. to Boston’ itineraries, both of which visit cities that have shaped the nation’s history. History buffs save 40% when booking the ‘Big Apple to the U.S. Capital’ or ‘D.C. to Boston’ cruises, which offer sailings in May and June.

The President’s Cruise gives guests the chance to sail the ‘Two Nation Vacation: Maine & New Brunswick’ itinerary alongside Nancy Blount, President of Blount Small Ship Adventures.

The Grande Caribe sets sail from Saint John, New Brunswick on August 2 and introduces passengers to the charming coastal towns of Maine and New Brunswick, including the Canadian ports of Digby, Nova Scotia, Grand Manan and St. Andrews-by-the-Sea, New Brunswick, as well as Eastport, Bar Harbour, Rockland, Bath and Portland, Maine. A festive welcome dinner and celebration with local entertainment marks the start of the voyage, which sails for 10 days.

Guests can also pledge their allegiance on the ‘The Big Apple to the U.S. Capital: New York to D.C.’ and ‘D.C. to Boston’ itineraries. ‘The Big Apple to the U.S. Capital’ carries passengers from New York City to the D.C. area, with stops in the East Coast’s most historic and scenic cities.

The eight-night cruise departs May 22, June 1 and 2, with alternating departures and arrivals between New York City and Alexandria, Va. Along the way, guests can partake in historical and cultural excursions, including a visit to the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. When the cruise docks in Alexandria, passengers can venture to D.C. to soak in the nation’s history.

‘D.C. to Boston’ allows guests to explore Washington D.C., Baltimore, Md., Philadelphia, Pa., New York, N.Y., New London, Conn., Newport, R.I. and Boston, Mass. while aboard the Grande Mariner. The ship embarks in Alexandria, Va., the home of George Washington, on June 11th and spends 11 nights sailing 15 picturesque East Coast waterways, including the Cape Cod Canal. Highlights of the cruise include spectacular views of the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor and the historic steeples of Boston, Mass.

Blount Small Ship Adventures epitomizes the best of small ship cruising. Each ship holds only 88 passengers, featuring patented designs such as retractable pilothouses and shallow-draft bow landing ramps that enable them to dock at remote ports that larger ships simply can’t reach. Access to these lesser-known destinations gives passengers the chance to travel like explorers, immersing themselves in the local culture for a truly authentic travel experience.

All Blount cruises include three meals daily with menus that are fresh, creative and often reflect the local cuisine, refreshments and snacks 24-hours a day, plus guest lectures and workshops. Single-seating meals with an open seating policy allows for the freedom to meet many traveling companions. Blount cruises also feature a BYOB policy, with mixers and set-ups for cocktails available throughout the day, along with complimentary house wine and beer offered during lunch and dinner.

For more information, visit the website or call 1-888-618-4770. Follow Blount Small Ship Adventures on Facebook at Blount Small Ship Adventures, and Twitter at @BlountSmallShip.

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