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Viking Adds 12 New Vessels

Viking christens 12 new vessels.

Viking christens 12 new vessels.

Viking River Cruises  has added 12 new river vessels to its fleet. These include 10 award-winning Viking Longships® and two custom vessels for the Elbe River.

The company christened the newest additions to its fleet of river cruise vessels at a simultaneous christening ceremony in Amsterdam and Rostock, Germany. This event officially brings Viking’s total river fleet size to 60 and comes just one year after the company set a GUINNESS WORLD RECORD™ for the most new ships launched in a single day.

All 10 of the new Viking Longships will be deployed on Viking’s itineraries in Europe, including three of the most popular itineraries – Grand European Tour , Romantic Danube and Rhine Getaway . Also, as a result of high consumer demand for the Elegant Elbe  itinerary, the two new specially designed ships will double the company’s capacity on the Elbe River for 2015.

Viking Godmothers

Staying true to the naval tradition, Viking named 12 of its longest-serving employees as ceremonial godmothers for the new ships. With representation from Viking’s onboard operations team, as well as from the operational headquarters in Basel, Switzerland, the corporate headquarters in Los Angeles and the London office, each godmother represents a department that has contributed to the consistently high guest satisfaction ratings and the growth and success of the company. The full list of godmothers includes:

  • Donora Anderson , Senior Director of Operations and godmother of Viking Skirnir


  • Clare Armitage , Senior Operations Executive and godmother of Viking Eir


  • Sinemie Bakker , Program Director and godmother of Viking Astrild


  • Henrieta Balisova , Program Director and godmother of Viking Vili


  • Adriana Filkaszova , Receptionist and godmother of Viking Beyla


  • Jana Hudakova , Chief Receptionist and godmother of Viking Mimir


  • Miriam Kajuchova , Housekeeper and godmother of Viking Ve


  • Karoline Landa , Controller & Hotel Manager and godmother of Viking Lofn


  • Kornelia Pfeiffenberger , Hotel Manager and godmother of Viking Vidar


  • Faye Pirie , Specialist Cruise Consultant and godmother of Viking Modi


  • Julie Rosoff , Senior Director of Marketing Services and godmother of Viking Mani


  • Verona Thiele , Concierge and godmother of Viking Gefjon


“We are immensely proud of the response to our new ships that we continue to receive from guests and industry experts,” said Torstein Hagen, Chairman of Viking Cruises. “It is always important that we recognize those who have helped us achieve success, and this year I am especially pleased to honor fellow Vikings as godmothers of our newest river vessels.”

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