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Seven Seas Explorer Suites

Mock up of suite that will debut aboard the Seven Seas Explorer

Mock up of suite that will debut aboard the Seven Seas Explorer


Regent Seven Seas recently unveiled mock-ups of the new suites that will debut aboard Seven Seas Explorer  

  • The Penthouse Suite’s intricate design exudes elegance, inspired by exquisite sapphire jewelry the suite features brilliant blue accents, handcrafted, custom-made furnishings,   and expansive private verandas that stretch out nearly 10-feet.

Ranging up to 626 square-feet, the Penthouse Suite features a stylish entertainment center that separates the living room and bedroom, a marble-topped bar, intimate dining area and a luxurious bathroom.

There are 55 Penthouse Suites on Seven Seas Explorer

  Concierge Suite

  • The Concierge Suite’s design was inspired by the luxurious vacation homes found in Cape Cod with an incredible focus on function, craftsmanship and using only the most luxurious materials.

The Concierge Suite features a spacious floor plan, measuring up to 460 square-feet, with a European king-sized Suite Slumber Bed that faces outwards towards the veranda, offerings stunning sea views.  The living, dining & entertaining area provides ample space to refresh and relax, while the expansive balcony stretches the entire width of the room and comes appointed with plush outdoor furnishings.

Concierge Suites account for a majority of the accommodations aboard Seven Seas Explorer with 140 suites, and the design conceit is shared with the Superior Suite category which accounts for an additional 88 suites.

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