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Fathom Announces Intended Itineraries and Ports of Call for Cuba

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Carnival Corporation’s new social impact brand plans to visit Havana, Cienfuegos and Santiago de Cuba

Typical Fathom itineraries will feature visits to arts, educational, cultural and historic sites, local musical performances, dinners in private home restaurants and more

Fathom , the pioneer in social impact travel and Carnival Corporation’s newest brand, has unveiled the intended 7-day itinerary that Fathom travelers will experience featuring an authentic Cuban cultural immersion – part learning, part sharing and all immersion into the Cuban culture and full connection with the Cuban people. Recently, Fathom also announced its intended three ports of call in Cuba — Havana, Cienfuegos and Santiago de Cuba .

It also unveiled the intended 7-day itinerary that Fathom travelers will experience featuring an authentic Cuban cultural immersion – part learning, part sharing and all immersion into the Cuban culture and full connection with the Cuban people.

Launched in June 2015, Fathom made history in July in receiving U.S. approval to sail from the U.S. to Cuba, and it is working to finalize Cuban approval. Currently Fathom is accepting reservations for its inaugural voyage to Cuba beginning in May 2016.

Today’s announcement gives travelers preliminary information about the three ports Fathom intends to visit, along with insight into the proposed itinerary for the 7-day journey and the experiences that will take place in Cuba – which will focus on supporting cultural exchange and economic development for the Cuban people and include a variety of artistic, educational and humanitarian activities.

“Cuba is a magnetic, beautiful country with tremendous opportunity for the Cuban people and for Fathom travelers to immerse, learn, grow and flourish through educational and cultural exchange experiences that we will offer,” said Tara Russell, president of Fathom and global impact lead for Carnival Corporation. “Fathom travelers will have the chance to interact, one-on-one, with artists, musicians, small business owners, health workers and others to learn about all aspects of Cuban society and to connect and share insights and stories, leading to further progress for the Cuban people.”

Russell added: “We believe there is tremendous pent up demand in the marketplace to visit this extraordinary country – particularly in the U.S. where travelers are eager to experience Cuba – so we wanted to share as much of the country as possible.”

According to Russell, each of the three ports of call is unique and was selected to provide distinctly different Cuban experiences. For example:

  •         Havana: Cuba’s colorful capital is popular for its exciting collection of Spanish-influenced castles, cathedrals, mansions and museums, and may be best known for historic Old Havana, a UNESCO World Heritage site with more than 900 landmarks. One of the most culturally rich urban centers in the world and once home to Ernest Hemingway, Havana features a lively music and entertainment scene, an eclectic mix of inspirational museums and art galleries, some of the world’s best ballet schools and dance companies, and much more.
  • Cienfuegos: Considered an architectural jewel of French influence and known as “the Pearl of the South,” this city is popular among diving enthusiasts for an undersea maze of coral columns along the coastline called Notre Dame. Among its many attractions, Cienfuegos boasts an imposing fortress – Castillo de Jagua – built to protect the city from attacks and widely recognized as one of Cuba’s most important military structures.
  • Santiago de Cuba: Cuba’s second-largest city, Santiago de Cuba is infused with a distinctly Caribbean spirit. The traditional site of two popular festivities – Carnaval and the Fiesta del Fuego – the city encompasses a diverse assortment of architectural influences, from the El Morro castle (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), to the Parque Céspedes in the bustling historic quarter, to the glorious Basílica de Nuestra Señora de la Caridad del Cobre, Cuba’s most sacred pilgrimage site.

The Cuban itinerary provided has been designed in full compliance with U.S. Department of Treasury rules that allow licensed travel companies to transport travelers to Cuba to engage in activities that support the Cuban people. Fathom is working to finalize the details around the proposed itinerary with its partners.

Fathom travelers will sail aboard the 710-passenger MV Adonia where they may take part in robust onboard experiences customized to this unique travel encounter, including specialized retail focused on empowering purpose-driven businesses and entrepreneurs and culturally and geographically relevant music and film options, as well as Cuban-inspired menu options.

Special onboard programming will include a wide variety of activities covering an array of interests, ranging from an orientation to the country’s history, customs and culture, to casual fun personal enrichment activities, to conversation

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