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Launching of the MS Elbe Princess and Third Paddlewheel Ship Ordered by CroisiEurope

MS Elbe

MS Elbe Princesse


Launching of the MS Elbe Princesse in Saint-Nazaire, Third Ship Ordered

CroisiEurope commissioned the construction by Neopolia of the MS Elbe Princesse in April 2014, and the vessel has just been placed in the water. The ME Elbe Princesse will be operated by CroisiEurope, the leader in European cruising, starting in April 2016 between Prague and Berlin.

Built in two blocks, and assembled over one month in Dry Dock No. 1 in Saint-Nazaire, MECASOUD has completed the hull of the ship.

The fitting out will now continue at the Penhoët docks in Saint-Nazaire, and delivery is expected near mid-February 2016—just one year short of the launching of the  Loire Princesse .

Several companies in the NEOPOLIA network are equipping the ship: SHIPELEC for electricity; GESTAL for networks; COMPOSITES for climate control and ventilation; POLYECIM COMPOSITES for restrooms; MAPAC PAKEL for bulkheads; MYG DESIGN for accommodations; and MECASOUD for the propulsion system.

Its technical features allow the new ship to berth at the center of cities, just a few steps away from the historical sites. These must-see locations include Berlin, Potsdam and the gardens at the Sanssouci Palace, Lutherstadt Wittenberg (where Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door of the church), Dresden, and “Golden” Prague.

Designed by Stirling Design International in Nantes, its main propulsion will be two stern paddlewheels powered by two 300 kW hydraulic engines. Additionally, two pump-jets give the ship excellent maneuverability at low speeds. SDI was aided by the specialized design offices at ARCO MARINE, SHIP ST and HYDROCEAN. ACCO built the superstructures and the two paddlewheels.

The Elbe Princesse will measure 95 meters long (311 feet) and 10.5 meters wide (34.5 feet). It will have 40 top-comfort, outward facing, 15 m 2 cabins (161 sq. ft.), a 100 m 2 restaurant (1,076 sq. ft.), and a panoramic 145 m 2 lounge at the back of the ship (1,560 sq. ft.). The exterior of the ship will have wood screen walls with backlighting. It can accommodate 80 passengers. The Elbe Princesse is CroisiEurope’s second paddle riverboat, after the MS Loire Princesse , and a third boat is planned for construction in Saint-Nazaire.

This third boat, designed by STIRLING DESIGN INTERNATIONAL, will also have paddlewheels.

Neopolia is already mobilizing its companies to respond to CroisiEurope’s requirements and prepare studies for delivery of the new ship in 2018. This 110-meter vessel (361-foot) will contain 58 cabins.

According to Hervé Germain, contributor and project leader for Neopolia (vice-president of Neopolia Marine and Manager of MYG DESIGN), “This third order is the concrete expression of the authentic trust that we have developed between us. We are extremely lucky to be able to work with a strong cruise company—an undeniable expert in this type of market, who is ambitious and make it their goal to give priority to French-based businesses. We thank them for their continued confidence.”

Philippe Le Berre, vice president of Neopolia Marine (COFELY-AXIMA) believes that “Neopolia, with the support of its partners—the French regional and departmental administrations, the CARENE (metropolitan area of Saint-Naizaire) and the area of Nantes— play their role to the hilt in order to increase development of local industry.”  



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