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Carnival Cruise Line Appoints New Members to Its Travel Partner Advisory Committee for 2016

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Carnival Cruise Line Appoints New Members to Its Travel Partner Advisory Committee for 2016,   

Select Group of Travel Partners Span Various Models, Advises Carnival Sales Team on Trade Initiatives

Carnival Cruise Line has appointed 20 new members to its 2016 Travel Partner Advisory Committee (TPAC). Each year, the line invites select travel partners spanning an array of agency models to participate in the committee, which was first created in 2011. The purpose of TPAC is to offer guidance related to various trade programs, tools and initiatives introduced by Carnival.

“Our TPAC members continue to provide valuable insight on how we can be the best possible partner to the tens of thousands of agents we work with on a daily basis,” said Carnival’s Vice President of U.S. Field Sales Mike Julius. “We have implemented dozens of suggestions based on the committee’s feedback over the years and we are looking forward to even more innovative ideas from this year’s group of esteemed agents.”

Members of TPAC are nominated by Carnival’s sales leadership team, who receive nominee suggestions from their respective teams.

Nominees are selected with the goal of creating a panel that reflects an array of business models that provide balanced and objective feedback through an open exchange of ideas. Travel professionals participate in the committee for a one-year period.

Members of Carnival’s 2016 Travel Partner Advisory Committee include:

  • Barbara Silver, Manager/Groups – OmniTours
  • Becky Smith, Outside Agent – Travel Connections
  • Dana Garrison, Director Travel Operations – AAA East Central
  • Diana Poulson, Agent – Kahala Travel
  • Gary Smith, Owner – CruiseOne SmithPollin Group
  • Jason Coleman – Owner – Jason Coleman Inc/Bon Tour Travel Ltd.
  • Joshua Kline, I.C. – ExpediaCruiseShipCenters – Ft. Lauderdale
  • Karen Marsh, Cruise Sales Manager – ExpediaCruiseShipCenters – Newfoundland
  • Ken Madden, Owner – Cruise Planners – Madden
  • Lisa Bazylewski, Owner – CanAm Adventures
  • Lori Speers, Travel Manager – Xstream Travel
  • Melissa Beaumont, Marketing Coordinator – Sky Travel
  • Michael Palyok, Group Travel Sales Specialist – AAA Carolinas
  • Morrie Frazier, Owner – CruiseOne – Frazier Dunn
  • Nico DiPerna, Travel Advisor – WMPH Vacations
  • Ralph Santisteban, Owner – CruiseOne Santisteban
  • Tina Hammonds, Front Line Agent – Universal Travel
  • Toni Anderson, Group Travel Consultant– Toni Anderson Enterprises LLC
  • Tricia Seib, Travel Counselor – AAA of Missouri
  • Una Cooper, Host Agent – KHM Travel Group/Anu Travel

TPAC members provide Carnival with feedback throughout the year and participate in quarterly meetings with members of Carnival’s sales leadership team. The group is led by Julius, and includes a panel of business development managers and trade marketing team members, as well.

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