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French Country Waterways Offers 30 Percent Discount on Select Summer Departures

French country waterways cruise Upper Loire Valley

French Country Waterways

French Country Waterways Makes a Trip to Burgundy Even More Memorable , Company Announces 30 Percent Discount on Select Summer Departures

What could be better than a leisurely cruise along the historic canals of the famed Côte d’Or region of Burgundy ? Days are filled with tours of this spectacular area known for its wines, evenings are punctuated by great meals with seemingly endless opportunities to sample the fruits of the local vintners’ labors, and nights are spent in the comfort of a king suite aboard the luxury barge Adrienne , which is home to just 12 passengers and six crew members. It’s hard to imagine life getting sweeter than this … but French Country Waterways , an American-owned company that has been providing luxury barge tours throughout the French countryside for more than three decades, has just announced 30 percent off select summer departures on this itinerary, meaning that rates can start as low as $4,476.50 per person during the height of the travel season.

Cruises always depart on a Sunday afternoon and last six nights. For the Adrienne ’s itinerary, guests meet in a luxury hotel in Paris and are transported via private motorcoach to the barge’s mooring in Dijon. Among the land-based experiences that give guests insight into the heart of France are a visit to the Clos de Vougeot, a medieval abbey nestled within centuries-old vineyards; a walking tour of Dijon with time to visit the local farmers market; time in an architectural marvel, the walled city of Beaune; a private tour and tasting at a vineyard in Chassagne-Montrachet; and a stop at the Château du Rully, whose current owner provides a stroll through his family’s history.

In addition to these daily optional (but included) excursions, guests also get plenty of time to simply relax and enjoy the barge itself as it traverses 84 miles during its six-night journey. The Côte d’Or itinerary travels along three waterways, the Canal de Bourgogne, the River Saône and the Canal du Centre. Guests can sit on the sun deck and just take in their surroundings … or disembark from the Adrienne during its stops at one of the 37 locks along the route to walk or ride one of the barge’s bicycles along the towpath.

Clearly the wine is an important part of the French Country Waterw ays experience – guests are offered more than two dozen selections during their journey, more than half of which bear labels from Grand Cru or Premier Cru vineyards – but that’s only half of the culinary story here. One of the six crew members is an accomplished chef who crafts memorable meals throughout the journey, highlighting such local ingredients as prime meats and fish, garden-fresh fruits and vegetables, and an array of cheeses. Breakfasts feature buttery croissants procured from village bakeries, lunches are served buffet-style, and dinners are four-course affairs that rival the finest restaurants in this country that truly embraces great food. Though most meals are served on the barge, on one night guests go ashore for dinner at the Michelin-starred restaurant Lameloise in Chagny.

To begin planning a trip with French Country Waterways, guests can get information, make reservations or request the company’s 2016 brochure by visiting the website .The company can also be contacted via mail at P.O. Box 2195, Duxbury, MA 02331 or by calling 800-222-1236 800-222-1236 FREE in the U.S. and Canada and 781-934-2454 781-934-2454 in Massachusetts. French Country Waterways operates five barges, each of which is available for individual bookings and for charter groups. Special room rates are offered at the designated meeting point hotels in Paris and/or Strasbourg for guests wishing to extend their stay.



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