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Virtual Tour of Hapag-Lloyd Cruises Launching this Week at ITB


Europa 2


Virtual Tour of Hapag-Lloyd Cruises Launching this week at ITB, Presented by HypeBox and Cyber Goggles     

EUROPA 2 HypeBox: An Integrated, Transparent LCD Screen Solution,Virtual Tours of the Fleet with Cyber Goggles

It is now possible for Hapag-Lloyd Cruises ‘ clients and travel agents to explore the ships in the fleet before they book a cruise with a virtual tour being launched this week at ITB in Berlin, the world’s leading travel trade show. Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies, Hapag-Lloyd Cruises is the first tourism company to use a HypeBox, which displays the EUROPA 2 as an interactive model and cyber goggles, allowing customers and travel agents to take a virtual tour of all the ships.

The EUROPA 2 HypeBox is an integrated and transparent LCD screen solution containing an accurate model of the luxury ship. The interactive screen displays personalized and informative content about the ship, including pictures, text, and 360 degree animations. Individual buttons on the touch surface activate special add-ons to the virtual tour. For example, press the “living button” and the suites in the model ship are illuminated. Thanks to the EUROPA 2 HypeBox, the only one of its kind on the market, customers and travel agents can now get a comprehensive and extremely realistic impression of the 5-stars-plus* EUROPA 2.

Oculus Gear, better known as cyber goggles, are another example of the digital technology that will be used at ITB. With the cyber googles, users are transported on board, and can go on a virtual tour of all Hapag-Lloyd Cruises’ ships. The software in the goggles also contains an integrated world map allowing users to experience select destinations.

The HypeBox and cyber goggles offer a unique way for customers and travel agents to experience Hapag-Lloyd Cruises’ ships and cruise routes before booking a cruise, and represent the ideal sales support for travel agencies and sales partners. After the ITB show, these tools will be used at other trade shows, and the cyber goggles will be used on a daily basis by sales representatives.

* According to the Berlitz Cruising and Cruise Ships 2016

For more information on Hapag-Lloyd Cruises’ destinations and itineraries, visit the website .

Reservations: United States & Canada: 877-445-7447 or 800 334-2724 or send an e-mail to or visit this website for local agents.

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