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American Queen Steamboat Company Unveils Holiday Season

American Queen

Holiday season aboard an American Queen cruise

American Queen Steamboat Company Unveils Holiday Season Aboard Expanded Fleet

The American Queen Steamboat Company, operator of the most opulent riverboats in the world, invites guests to enjoy the holiday season aboard the elegant American Queen and her sister ships the American Empress and the newly launched American Duchess . The American Duchess will embark on her first voyage in August and will offer one of the most luxurious river cruising experiences in the country this holiday season. With itineraries along the Lower Mississippi River and its largest tributaries beginning in mid-November and lasting through the New Year, the American Duchess and American Queen offer one-of-a-kind tours through America’s festive river ports. Surrounded by southern history and culture, these voyages offer music as well as seasonal and locally produced crafts and goods.

Holiday sailings this season will, for the second year in a row, include Christmas markets along the Lower Mississippi river as well as special onboard entertainment, strolling carolers in St. Francisville, La. and departure serenades from the levees of Vicksburg and Natchez, Miss. Guests will also have the option of booking a music themed cruise through the heart of the American South, which will explore the rich musical heritage from the Mississippi Delta, up to Memphis, and on to Nashville. For the first time, two American Empress cruises in the Pacific Northwest will be included in this offer, exploring the diverse landscapes and rolling vistas of wine country along the Columbia River.

“This year we are pleased to launch the American Duchess and also to add the American Empress to our holiday cruise options” shares American Queen Steamboat Company President and COO Ted Sykes. “Each of these ships will provide our guests with an unforgettable experience while they enjoy their holiday season in comfort and style.”

Holiday Sailings on the American Queen , the American Duchess and the American Empress include these themed voyages:

Float through living history and soak in the romantic spirit of the Antebellum era on the Lower Mississippi. Guests will enjoy festive enrichment activities, delight in fabulous nightly entertainment and so much more. Picturesque natural backdrops will provide the sights and sounds of Southern history.

Explore the jewels of the Lower Mississippi during a magical time of year and experience the best of old world Southern opulence. Guests will be transported back in time as they visit the enchanting ports of Vicksburg and Natchez, Miss while taking in the dramatic scenery of a region unspoiled by the passage of time.

Enjoy learning about and experiencing the music of the South, from the Rock and Soul of Memphis to the country melodies of Nashville. Music harmonizes with the rhythm of the river as guests enjoy special on board entertainment highlighting the music of this region, steeped in the history of American music.

The sights and sounds of America’s rivers sprang from a variety of musical genres. From Rhythm and Blues to Country rock, this voyage covers the early history of American music. Special on board musical performances will enhance this journey through some of the most storied ports of the South.

On board the opulent new American Duchess this week-long voyage showcases the best of the South. Enjoy the classic, homespun comforts of Nashville before visiting ports such as Paducah, KY and Clarksville, TN. Arrive back in Nashville to experience special holiday themed events during this magical time of year.

This voyage on the American Empress exposes guests to the beauty and bounty of nature as well as the history and heritage of the people who inhabited this region. Stunning scenery of the Cascade Range will highlight a journey that takes guests through the heart of wine country in the Pacific Northwest. This special trip introduces guests to some of the best wine to be found in Oregon and Washington.

This special New Year’s celebration cruise is for those looking to experience authentic Southern culture in the Big Easy and along the charming ports of the Lower Mississippi. Toast a glass at midnight after a memorable voyage back to New Orleans.

Offering the most inclusive river cruise experience in North America, holiday fares with American Queen Steamboat Company begin at $1,299 per guest All journeys include a one-night pre-voyage hotel stay, shore tours in all ports, complimentary wine and beer with dinner and a host of other amenities.  To order a brochure, request additional information or make reservations, contact the American Queen Steamboat Company at 888-749-5280 , visit online  or contact a professional travel agent.

American Queen Steamboat Company

American Queen Steamboat Company (AQSC) is the operator of the U.S. flagged American Queen , the largest, most opulent riverboat in the world.  Longer than a football field, towering six decks in height and laced with fanciful gingerbread trim, she is a marvel of modern engineering. Her journeys through the heartland offer a unique perspective on America’s history, culture and landscape with convenient departures from some of America’s most iconic river port cities including Memphis, Nashville, New Orleans, Cincinnati, Louisville, St. Louis and Minneapolis. In April 2014, AQSC began serving the Pacific Northwest with the opulence and grandeur of the American Empress   and will add the American Duchess   to the Mississippi River in August 2017. For additional information and reservations, contact American Queen Steamboat Company at 888-749-5280 , visit online  or call a professional travel agent.

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