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Azamara Club Cruises Adds Cuba Sailings and Shore Excursions


Azamara Evolves With More Visits and Richer Experiences to Cuba

Azamara’s Signature Destination Immersion ®  Programming Offers Guests More Overnights, New Shore Excursions at night and an  AzAmazing Evenings® event  in 2018 and 2019

Azamara Club Cruises® has announced new 2018 and 2019 Cuban itineraries that range from four to fourteen nights and visit some of the most diverse Cuban ports like Cienfuegos, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, providing a variety of getaway options for a range of travel needs.  With longer stays in port, new onboard Cuban-themed programming and two overnights in Havana, travelers have a fresh opportunity to enjoy the vibrant and culturally enriching country, brought to you by Azamara. Starting in 2018, guests can also expect an AzAmazing Evenings® event on select sailings; a bespoke, exclusive and private event only for Azamara guests that lets guests experience the local culture like never before.

“Following the incredible popularity and high demand for our Cuba voyages, we knew we wanted to provide travelers more opportunities to explore this alluring country at night,” said Larry Pimentel, President and CEO of Azamara Club Cruises.  “We’re fully committed to exceptional on-shore exploration through our longer stays in port. With more overnights and night tour programming, it makes sense that we would be one of the few ships to offer three full days in Havana.  We look forward to bringing more magic of the Cuban culture to our new and loyal guests.”

Three New  Cruise Global, Nights Local  Shore Excursions

As part of Azamara’s commitment to Destination Immersion®,  Cruise Global, Connect Local  will introduce guests to the culture and people of Cuba in the most authentic way. From locally inspired small-group excursions by day and night to the signature AzAmazing Evening in Cuba, there are three new night experiences, including:

  • Cabaret Parisien, Havana:  Visit the Nacional Hotel de Cuba and marvel at the cabaret show “Cuban, Cuban,” a true sensation based entirely on island culture.  This colorful performance features stunning costumes, lively music and captivating dance moves reflecting Indo-American, Hispanic and African influences.  Before the performance, wander the lovely hotel gardens and gaze out at the sparkling nighttime views of the Havana Malecón.
  • Musical Evening at Fusión Havana, Havana:  Embark on a truly captivating evening filled with the excitement of sultry music and dances of Havana, as Cuban rhythms, Latin Jazz, and Flamenco resound through the Fusión Havana, a local showplace and restaurant.  Cuba Libres and other favorite local cocktails will be served at a two-hour open bar with local delicacies like savory croquettes and stuffed tostones.
  • Jewish Heritage Tour, Havana:  Embrace Cuba’s rich Jewish heritage with a guided tour that takes you through the streets of Old Havana’s Jewish Quarter. With plenty of local encounters to hear firsthand stories about the Jewish community, the tour includes a visit to the spectacular Hotel Raquel, a breathtaking example of Havana’s Jewish influence, and to a local synagogue for an authentic look at how locals worship. Pay moving visits to a historic Jewish cemetery and Havana’s Holocaust Museum, a solemn reminder of World War II, curated by the local community.

Additionally, a number of experiences are being developed throughout Cienfuegos and Santiago de Cuba to give Azamara guests immersive and localized experiences outside of Havana including:

  • Santiago de Cuba:  Guests will explore a variety of well-known and off-the-beaten track historical sites including the Colonial Historic Center of San Juan Hill, where an instrumental battle in the Spanish – Cuban – American war occurred.  Then travel to the Santa Ifigenia Cemetery, where notable Cuban national hero and literary import Jose Marti is laid to rest.
  • Cienfuegos:  After starting their tour in Cienfuegos, guests will travel to Trinidad, where they can explore the colonial old town and quaint cobblestone streets.  A stop at Potter’s House gives guests the chance to discover the artwork of Cuban craftsmen and learn about their technique passed down through generations.  Guests will round out their visit to Cienfuegos to view a performance at the Teatro Tomas Terry followed by shopping the Santa Isabel Boulevard.

A Taste of Cuba Onboard

After spending time on shore exploring the local sights, travelers can experience Cuban culture onboard their boutique hotel at sea. Enjoy the unique destination-focused programming to treat all the senses that only Azamara delivers.

For more information, travelers can call their travel professional, dial  877-999-9553  or visit the  website  or travelers. can call their travel professionals. Travel agent professionals can access more information and make reservations at this website .

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