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Sea Cloud 2019 Adds New Sailings, Includes Gratuities in Fares

Sea Cloud II

Sea Cloud II

 Launched in 1931, SEA CLOUD is a legendary windjammer that brings back the glamour of a bygone age. The yacht’s original owners were Marjorie Merriweather Post and her husband Edward Hutton. Sister ship SEA CLOUD II was built in 2001. Sea Cloud Cruises’ ships have some of the most spectacular public rooms and cabins at sea. Days onboard are relaxing and the port of calls in the Caribbean or Europe are unique, and usually not frequented by a dozen other ships. Food and service are also top-notch. The vessels’ most notable features are their four masts and 29 sails. Unlike the modern, electronically operated sailing ships in the industry, all sailing is done by hand on Sea Cloud Cruises.



The coasts around the British Isles offer natural beauty, rich history, abundant wildlife, and the best and most extensive sailing in Europe. Along the route guests will have the option to visit Normandy, take a steam train to the English Rivera and Castletown, and visit breathtaking castles. This cruise can also be split into two shorter legs.

  Sailing Dates: SEA CLOUD II:  June 13–29, 2019 , London (Portsmouth)/Great Britain to Edinburgh (Leith)/Scotland, from U.S.$9,750 per person, (based on double occupancy), cruise only. There is an early booking discount of U.S. $670 p.p. until  November 30, 2018 .


Cape Verde (Cabo Verde), a stunning island chain has a captivating blend of mountains, beaches and peaceful seaside villages. The Cape Verde lies geographically between Europe, Africa and the Caribbean and in the NE trade wind belt. A constant strong breeze (typically force 4-5) and a mix of islands – some of which are 100 miles apart, make this area ideal for sailing, and perfect for guests looking to explore destinations without hordes of tourists. Guests can look forward to an excursion to the volcanic crater Cova and Pico do Fogo, the highest peak of Cape Verde.

These cruises can be combined with the transatlantic cruises, which will be starting from Cape Verde at the conclusion of these cruise. Fulfil the dream of a lifetime – crossing the Atlantic from Cape Verde on board a windjammer!

Sailing Dates:

SEA CLOUD: Nov.24–Dec. 3, 2019,  Las Palmas/Canary Islands to Praia/Santiago , from U.S.$6,395 per person, (based on double occupancy), cruise only. There is an early booking discount of U.S.$390 p.p. until November 30, 2018 .

  SEA CLOUD II: Nov. 15 25, 2019, Las Palmas/Canary Islands to Praia/Santiago, from U.S. $6,395  per person, (based on double occupancy), cruise only. There is an early booking discount of U.S. $430 p.p. until November 30, 2018 .



Every year the world’s most spectacular superyachts gather in Gustavia’s harbor for the prestigious St. Barth’s Bucket, a three-day regatta features top-notch racing and exclusive shore side social events. Running for more than three decades, the St. Barth’s  Bucket  welcome more than 40 superyachts to the waters of St. Barth’s to compete. Sea Cloud will offer its guests front row viewing of the Bucket Regatta, for two full days.

Sailing Dates:

SEA CLOUD:  March 16 25, 2019, Bridgetown/Barbados to St. John’s/Antigua,

from U.S.$6,395   per person, (based on double occupancy), cruise only. There is an early booking discount of U.S. $390 p.p. until  June 30, 2018 .



Volcanoes, prehistoric sites, lush forests, sandy coves and miles of Sahara-style dunes make up the Canary Islands. The Canary Islands offer reliable Trade Winds thanks to the Gulf Stream and the Azores High, making for ideal sailing conditions. With luck, guests see humpback whales, dolphins or turtles. The nights at sea can be mind-blowing, with the cleanest, clearest skies in Europe and very low light pollution, stars will light up the night sky. Guests will be able to experience three of the Canary Islands on land, Gran Canaria, La Gomera and Tenerife.

Sailing Dates:

SEA CLOUD:  Nov. 20 24, 2019, Las Palmas/Canary Islands to Las Palmas/Canary Islands,  from U.S.$2,555 per person, (based on double occupancy), cruise only. There is an early booking discount of U.S. $180 p.p. until  November 30, 2018 .

Reservations:  Guests, as well as travel agencies, can book with SEA CLOUD CRUISES at +49 40 30959250 or send a booking request to .

United States & Canada:  Information can be requested via the call center: 1-888-732-2568

For more information  on Sea Cloud Cruises exciting destinations and itineraries, visit the website . A virtual 2019 brochure can be found on this website .

Since 1979, Sea Cloud Cruises has been one of the top names in the world of cruises. The almost 87-year-old four-master Barque SEA CLOUD and her younger sister SEA CLOUD II are regularly elected among the top five in the boutique ships category by the  Berlitz Cruise Guide .

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