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Antarctica21 Announces Expedition Itineraries for 2020/2021

magellan explorer

New Ship Magellan Explorer to Debut in November 2019

A trip to Antarctica would be on many bucket lists were it not for the stormy and rough waters of Drake Passage. So in 2003, A ntarctica21 pioneered the Antarctic air-cruise model whereby travelers fly directly from  Punta Arenas, Chile to King George Island in Antarctica on a private jet, then board one of the line’s expedition ships.

The company recently announced its  new 2020/2021 expedition schedule with 40 air-cruises.  Joining the company’s fleet of expedition vessels and aircraft, the new  M/V Magellan Explorer  will make its maiden voyage on November 28, 2019.

 “With the introduction of Magellan Explorer, we now have a modern vessel custom-designed for our unique Antarctic fly and cruise operations,” says Jaime Vasquez, Antarctica21’s Chairman of the Board.  “This new ship is the culmination of our extensive experience in this field.”

In 2020/2021 season, the 73-passenger Magellan Explorer will sail to Antarctica 18 times with four different itineraries.  Fourteen voyages on the new ship will feature the 8-day, 7-nights  Classic Antarctica  Air-Cruise, one voyage will feature the 10-day, 9-nights  Polar Circle Air-Cruise , which crosses the Antarctic Circle, and one itinerary is a 6-day, 5-nights  Antarctica Express Air-Cruise . The season will also include a new 16-day, 15-nights South Georgia circuit.

 In addition to Magellan Explorer, Antarctica21 will operate Classic Antarctica, Polar Circle and Antarctica Express expeditions on the 67-passenger  Ocean Nova   and the 75-passenger  Hebridean Sky .  Classic Antarctica rates range from $13,495 to $26,995 per person; Polar Circle rates range from $17,995 to $33,995 per person and Antarctica Express rates range from $5,795 to $8,595 per person.  Triple cabins are also available on all voyages at reduced rates.  In addition to daily programs presented by Antarctic experts, guests have the option to book sea kayaking, hiking and snowshoeing.

Dstinctive features of Magellan Explorer include: expansive observation decks; state-of-the art navigation equipment for detecting ice; retractable stabilizing fins that reduce the ship’s movement caused by waves; a double hull; two main engines with a total power of 3,440 kW to guarantee plenty of propulsion, and bow and stern thrusters of 500 KW each to allow the ship to be extremely agile.

Specific measures have been taken to minimize Magellan Explorer’s carbon footprint.  The ship is equipped with energy-efficient engines and meets MARPOL’s stringent Tier lll emission standards, the most stringent standards in the industry.  To minimize fuel consumption, a waste-heat recovery system recycles the heat produced by the ship’s engines and re-purposes it to power the ship’s heating system and to warm the water used on board.

For further information, visit  or call toll-free 1-877-994-2994.

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